Metallurgical coal explorer and developer

3G Coal offers a unique entry point into a large ULV PCI coal development opportunity, with the potential for substantial upside leverage tied to exploration success. We are targeting a valuable and broadly consumed metallurgical coal product suite leveraging excellent access to rail and port infrastructure necessary for bulk export to Asia.

Strategic project location

3G Coal has specifically targeted the Groundhog Coalfield in Western Canada as its metallurgical coal focus due to the relative:

  • Abundance of high carbon, low volatile matter anthracite coal, including the neighbouring Groundhog North Project owned by Atrum Coal Limited (ASX:ATU) and the Panorama North Project owned by Atrum Coal and Japanese Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation.
  • Well-developed rail and port infrastructure opportunities with excess capacity
  • Access to Ridley Coal terminal and international shipping
  • Positive government and local community stance on mining

By targeting a scaleable, high value and widely consumed ultra low volatile (ULV) PCI coal in a safe jurisdiction, 3GC seeks to minimize development and market risks and maximize opportunities for strategic partnerships.

Location focus

3GC is focused solely on the development of its metallurgical coal project in British Columbia, allowing it to concentrate operational resources.

Initial focus on scale

3GC’s commercial conversion strategy includes a near term focus on delivering a large, scaleable coal export strategy.

Within the context of the Company’s long term exploration and development strategy, 3GC may pursue opportunistic co-development and infrastructure related transactions where they are accretive to shareholder value.

Highly experienced and focused board and management team

3GC retains an executive team with a track record in identifying and commercializing world class resource deposits. It will continue to add technical bias as the exploration strategy unfolds.

Metallurgical coal market strength

The sustained growth and development of PCI coal use in the manufacture of steel, the difficulty in replacing metallurgical coal in the steel making process and the volatile and constrained supply of seaborne metallurgical coal, linked with the growing investment from China and India in cleaner (low volatile matter) metallurgical coal, is creating substantial opportunity for a large scale development story like the Groundhog South Metallurgical Coal Project.